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Kinder Morgan Canada Responds to Enbridge’s Filing of its Northern Gateway Pipeline Project

Kinder Morgan Canada on June 1st filed a letter with the National Energy Board (NEB) requesting that the NEB defer further consideration of Northern Gateway until Northern Gateway Pipelines Limited Partnership can demonstrate that adequate commercial support for the project exists. The application is not supported by binding commercial support to demonstrate the need and necessity of the project.

Kinder Morgan Canada still maintains that incremental expansion of its existing 1,150 km Trans Mountain Pipeline between Edmonton, Alberta and Burnaby, B.C., when market demand and commercial support exists, is the best alternative for moving additional petroleum products to the West Coast of Canada. The Northern Gateway filing does not adequately consider the alternative of Trans Mountain expansion.

Responding to Enbridge’s filing for its Northern Gateway Pipeline Project, Kinder Morgan Canada President Ian Anderson stated that “We believe that the continued expansion of our existing pipeline, along existing right of way, will have less environmental and traditional First Nations territory impacts, along with lower business risk and costs. Our Trans Mountain Pipeline has been providing safe, reliable and efficient transportation delivery service to the Lower Mainland and to other destinations via its Westridge Marine Terminal on Burrard Inlet in Burnaby, B.C. for more than 50 years, and we already have well established relationships with our neighbours along the existing pipeline. In addition, Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is a longstanding, active port with strong existing capabilities.”

Kinder Morgan Canada continues to advance its Trans Mountain expansion plans and discussions with current and prospective shippers, including Asian interests. Kinder Morgan believes it is important to match facilities expansion with commercial support in a long-term sustainable fashion. Kinder Morgan will file an application for the next phase of its expansion with the National Energy Board when commercial support exists, and only after it has completed a thorough public and First Nations consultation and engagement process. Anderson adds, “We have a track record of meaningful and mutually beneficial First Nations and Environmental organization engagement. We will ensure that our future plans are advanced with the same early honesty and openness as past efforts.”

Kinder Morgan supports the development of off shore markets for Canadian crude oil, and has been facilitating such development already with safe movements of crude through PMV for the last several years. Anderson adds, “Every barrel of oil that producers want to sell to Chinese interests today is moving, and we intend to continue to grow that supply opportunity through rational, stakeholder respectful, and market-based expansions that align Canadian producers with Asian demand.”

The recent successful Pump Station expansion project and the newly completed Anchor Loop expansion project through Jasper National and Mount Robson Provincial Parks, have increased the Trans Mountain Pipeline’s capacity by about 33% (from 225,000 bpd to 300,000 bpd). Additional Trans Mountain expansions, would add another 400,000 bpd of capacity for a total of 700,000 bpd, serving Lower Mainland, Washington State and waterborne markets.

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