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  • 2/1/14

    Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., a unit of Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P., has signed a binding, 15-year firm transportation precedent agreement with Seneca Resources Corp., the wholly owned exploration and production subsidiary of National Fuel Gas Co., to ship 158,000 Dth/d of natural gas to eastern Canadian markets on the Niagara Expansion project. Subject to regulatory approvals, the $29 million Niagara Expansion is expected to begin service Nov. 1, 2015.

  • 1/29/14

    Texas is poised to join Saudi Arabia as a supplier of oil to California as the mounting glut of crude on the U.S. Gulf Coast makes the trade profitable.

  • 1/15/14 3:23 pm EST

    Earnings for Kinder Morgan Energy Partners jumped 26 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, capping a year of major growth for the pipeline and storage business, it reported Wednesday.

  • 1/15/14

    Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (KMP.N), the largest U.S. pipeline company, said on Wednesday its quarterly income and distributions rose in the fourth quarter, helped by acquisitions.

  • 1/8/14

    For a high-quality business with a long-tenured, extremely capable management team that pays out tons of cash to investors, look no further than Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) . Kinder Morgan, as well as its various entities, will satisfy the search for yield in such a low-rate investing climate. Kinder Morgan likely has many profitable years ahead of it, thanks to the rapid increase in oil and gas production in the United States.



Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI)

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