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Kinder Morgan (KMI)

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Shareholder Services for Investors that own shares directly or in certificate form (ComputerShare)

KMI: 800-847-4351
KMP: 800-519-3111
KMR: 877-373-6374
EPB: 888-417-4835

For exchange share information relating to KMI/EP acquisition

K-1 Support
KMP: 800-232-1627
KMP K-1 Information

EPB: 866-709-8274
EPB K-1 Information

Copano: 800-310-9147
CPNO K-1 Information

EP unexchanged shares:

KMI completed the acquisition of El Paso Corp. in May, 2012. For shareholders that have not yet exchanged their EP shares for the Acquisition Consideration, you can contact Computershare at www.computershare.com or by telephone at 1-800-847-4351 for more information on how to complete an exchange.